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Vinka Gašparuš is a PhD candidate in Digital Arts, Interdisciplinary doctorate studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade.

She gained a master's degree from Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka, Croatia in painting and new media.

With continuous activity in various areas of artistic expression (painting, graphic design, illustration, set design, new media) she is also continuously working on non-formal education. The main fields of interests are mass media, feminism, gender equality, human rights etc.

Vinka exhibited her art in Croatia, Serbia, United Kingdom, USA, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, China, etc. She is a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists). 





Mostly focused on portraits, I am seeking inspiration in friends and family. In the latest series, I am exploring women’s strength, intuition, and bond with themselves.

Realism with surrealist elements is my chosen portal to the unconscious, where dreams, symbols, and the enigmatic merge to unravel the profound. The antlers and horns that sprout from the heads of the women in my paintings are not merely whimsical adornments; they are archetypes, symbols of ancient wisdom, and embodiments of our primal connection to nature. These fantastical elements disrupt the familiar, inviting the audience to question the boundaries of reality, much like the women in the paintings question the confines placed upon their strength and intuition. Each painting unearths the power and resilience of women, breaking free from societal constraints, and hoping to inspire self-discovery and healing.

As I journey forward, I remain committed to delving deeper into the realms of human consciousness and amplifying women's voices. My art celebrates resilience, wisdom, and the enduring power of women, inviting all to embrace their inner strength and intuition.



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